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Beyond Guesswork: Harness the Power of Our Due Date Calculator for Improved Pregnancy Predictions

Tuesday 25 Jul 2023
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Are you aware that personal factors such as your height, age, the baby’s sex, and whether it’s your first pregnancy can significantly influence the length of your pregnancy?

Our advanced due date calculator takes these factors into account, providing a more accurate estimate of your baby’s arrival than traditional methods.

Recent research indicates that considering these personal factors can offer a more precise prediction of the due date than relying solely on ultrasound scans or calculations based on the first day of your last menstrual period. Our due date calculator is designed to incorporate these insights, providing you with a more personalized and accurate estimate.

Accurately determining the due date is crucial for various reasons. It aids in planning antenatal care, ensuring that essential medical examinations and tests are conducted at the appropriate pregnancy stage. Moreover, it provides parents-to-be with valuable information for personal, social, and practical preparations.

Since the 1990s, health services have relied on ultrasound data to calculate the due date. These calculations are based on the assumption that all babies are the same size at a certain fetal age and that all pregnancies are of the same length. However, research has shown that the length of pregnancy is influenced by personal factors, which our free due date calculator takes into account.

For more than 9 out of 10 pregnant women, the delivery date calculated by the traditional ultrasound method is not the most likely day for the baby to be born. This is where our due date calculator comes in, providing a more accurate prediction.

While the exact factors determining the length of a pregnancy remain a medical mystery, researchers have made significant progress towards a better understanding. While it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact day your baby will be born, our due date calculator can provide a more accurate estimate of the most likely birth date.

Pregspect’s due date calculator models consider the most important individual factors, providing the most probable day of delivery for you and your baby. These models have been developed by Swedish researchers through statistical analyses of more than 1.7 million pregnancies and deliveries.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, and let’s celebrate the curiosity together!