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Curious and critical questions are at the heart of science. Below, we have gathered questions and answers about our prediction models, our service and other things that may be of interest.

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About the forecast

Is it more likely that my baby will be born on Pregspect's date than the day my midwife has predicted.

Yes, Pregspect's due date is the individual day when the baby is most likely to be born, taking into account the personal information you have provided.

What is the benefit of an additional due date?

For 9 out of 10 pregnant women, Pregspect's date differs from the due date estimated by the midwife . Since only 4.2% of women give birth on this date, perhaps it would be a good idea not to focus too much on that particular date?

Pregspect's calculation of your child's most probable date of birth is done out of curiosity! However, several users who received a later estimated delivery day from Pregspect compared to the midwife´s date have also pointed out that they expereinced a greater sense of calm than their friends when they passed the time. And that can be useful.

Do I need an estimated due date from an ultrasound examination?

No. Our Early Forecast takes into account when you had your last period and is not dependent on you having had an ultrasound examination.

However, this is not our best prediction model but it is still better suited for you than the prediction you can make using the pregnancy wheel or standard due date calculators.

Can Pregspect's dates be used for medical decisions?

Medical decisions must be made based on research results. There are currently no studies having evaluated whether Pregspect's date of birth can contribute to better medical decisions, so Pregspect's date should not be used for this purpose.

Pregspect's forecast gives an earlier date than midwife. Should I ask to be induced earlier then?

No, Pregspect's predicted date shows when it is the most likely that the baby will be born, but no medical decisions should currently be made based on Pregspect's date.

All research done on induction of labour is based on the standard due dates estimated by healthcare professionals, and all recommendations are thus based on that date.

How much better is Our Best Forecast compared to Our Early Forecast?

Due dates determined on the basis of results from the an ultrasound examination are considered more accurate than the date determined on the basis of the last menstrual period. Our Best Forecast is based on the ultrasound results and adds personal information, thus tailoring the forecast to you.

Our Early Forecast is based on the last day of the menstrual period but also takes into account the personal information you provide.

You do not ask if I am stressed, although I have read that it can affect the length of pregnancy.

There are a number of factors that can affect the length of pregnancies that we do not ask about.

Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden have analysed 1.7 million pregnancies and identified a number of objective factors that affect the length of pregnancies, such as the mother's age and the child's gender. Stress is a subjective factor that is more difficult to assess on equal terms and thus more difficult to include in a model.

There are also other factors that may be important, but for which there are still insufficient data points for including them in our models. The work of developing the best possible personal birth prediction tool continues, and we are constantly working to further improve our models.

I got pregnant through IVF, can I do your forecasts?

Yes, enter the estimated date of birth from your IVF clinic instead of the ultrasound date.

Our ambition is to eventually develop models that are specific for IVF. Since with IVF there is no uncertainty about when the egg was fertilized, we expect to be able to develop even better models. However, there is still quite limited data available.

About Pregspect's service

Why use Pregspect's service?

Because you are curious! Our Best Forecast is the only birth forecast model on the market presenting you with the most likely date of birth for YOUR child, based on an ultrasound examination and the personal information you provide.

How does your service work?

The service can be described in three steps:

1) Choose which of our models you want to use: Our Early Forecast, which is based on the last menstrual period and is free, or Our Best Forecast, which assumes that you have an estimated date of birth based on an ultrasound examination.

2) Answer the questions in the form.

3) Click on the result (Our Early Forecast) or pay (Our Best Forecast) and have the result presented in a digital format that you can also be received as an email to be printed out.

How do I pay for the forecast?

You can easily and safely pay using PayPal or Klarna

How do I find my result?

If you have left the results page and do not return, you must click on "Your results link" in your order confirmation email. The email heading says "Your order from Pregspect is now ready".

Personal information and integrity

How is the information I enter into the form being saved?

All personal data is deidentified and saved anonymously in order to, for example, ensure quality, troubleshoot, produce statistics, gain customer knowledge and develop our service.

If you want us to remove your information from our database, just write to Read more in our Privacy Policy.

What do I do if I no longer want to be on your email list?

Write to and we'll remove you from the list.


Who is behind Pregspect?

Pregspect is a service offered by Prexpect AB. The founders of Prexpect are researchers from Uppsala University who in connection with the birth of their own children became interested in birth predictions.

Read more under About Pregspect.


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