Every Pregnancy is Unique

Gone are the days when all pregnancies were assumed to follow the same growth trajectory.

Traditional due date calculators and healthcare professionals often base their predictions on the baby’s size. However, numerous factors influence the length of a pregnancy.

Our state-of-the-art pregnancy prediction models offer personalized insight into the most probable day your child will arrive.

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Our unique forecast models have been developed by researchers having analysed data from 1.7 million pregnancies.

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Our Early Forecast

For you who have not yet had an ultrasound examination. This forecast is based on the last menstrual period and takes the mother's personal factors into account.


Our Best Forecast

For you who have had an ultrasound examination. The only scientific prediction model on the market that takes individual factors of both the mother and the child into account.


Some common FAQs

Read more questions and answers in FAQ.

Do I need an estimated due date from an ultrasound examination?

No. Our Early Forecast takes into account when you had your last period and is not dependent on you having had an ultrasound examination.

However, this is not our best prediction model but it is still better suited for you than the prediction you can make using the pregnancy wheel or standard due date calculators.

How does your service work?

The service can be described in three steps:

1) Choose which of our models you want to use: Our Early Forecast, which is based on the last menstrual period and is free, or Our Best Forecast, which assumes that you have an estimated date of birth based on an ultrasound examination.

2) Answer the questions in the form.

3) Click on the result (Our Early Forecast) or pay (Our Best Forecast) and have the result presented in a digital format that you can also be received as an email to be printed out.

How do I pay for the forecast?

You can easily and safely pay using PayPal or Klarna


My due date was on May 28, but Pregspect predicted that I would most likely give birth on June 4 – and I did!